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Breakfast is served
Spring Lake Beach

This is the picture postcard scene
one block east of Ashling Cottages.
A breathtaking scene of the ocean,
beach and boardwalk.

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Ashling Cottages is a one block walk from this scenic beach. Sunbathe while you read a book and relax. You will decompress from the stress and demands of your hectic, everyday schedule. Beach Scene
Couple on the beach You can stroll the shoreline cooling yourself in the surf.
Boardwalk Share a refreshing walk on Spring Lake's two mile, non-commercial boardwalk.
In the early morning you'll be in awe of the sun shimmering off the surf. Youíll see the gulls gliding and hovering. Enjoy one of the wonders of nature at its best! Crashing Surf
Bicycle   At Ashling Cottages, itís the simpler things in life that matter most. Explore this seashore community on the bicycles available to cottage guests.

This is the picture postcard scene one block west of Ashling Cottages.
A gorgeous view of the wedding perfect lake.
  Spring Lake View
Spring Lake is a delightful seaside community with beautiful tree lined streets and charming old Victorian homes with lavish gardens.
- BestWeekends.com Testimonial
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Spring Lake View

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