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Ashling Cottages has investigated several “Entertainment” options for our guests. Our objective is to maximize your enjoyment during your stay with us. With this objective in mind, we have identified several alternatives for you to consider. We recommend that you make reservations, when available and appropriate, to ensure that you can avail yourself of the fun and excitement on the date and time that you want.

Daytime Fun  -   Theater

Daytime Fun

One of the most exciting entertainment events during the days of your stay can be a day at the races. Monmouth Raceway is one of the finest racetracks in the country. Check their website to determine their open season period and start times. In addition, there are convenient travel options for you to access the park.

Monmouth Raceway

  • It is only a 25-minute drive by car.
  • There is a convenient train connection direct from Spring Lake train station to the raceway. This trip takes about 45 minutes. This option eliminates the cost and aggravation of parking your car and traffic jams after the races.



We have some wonderfully entertaining local theater in the Spring Lake area. The proximity to New York City allows for attracting very professional entertainment talent. The following options are available to you during your stay:

Algonquin Arts Theater
Manasquan, NJ - 15-minute drive. This is a converted 1950s movie theater that has created a resurgence in creative theater at the Jersey Shore.

Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association Events
Ocean Grove, NJ - 15-minute drive. This is a historic auditorium in a quaint community

Spring Lake Community House Theatre
Spring Lake, NJ - a 10-minute walk from Ashling Cottages along the lake and through town. A fine selection of plays to suit preferences of a broad audience

Daytime Fun  -   Theater

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